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Recipe – ‘The Rags of Úbeda’

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Hello friends of Cucharea

Today I want to share with you a perfect recipe for cold days, of which here in England there are many.

It’s called Andrajos de Úbeda – ‘cloth rags’ of Úbeda.

For those who don’t know it, Úbeda is a beautiful city in the heart of Jaén, Andalusia. It is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO thanks to its history and Renaissance architecture.

It is the birthplace of some of the best olive oil in the world, and has some of the greatest artists such as Joaquín Sabina, internationally known singer-songwriter, Paco Tito, distinguished potter and Marcelo Góngora, the magnificent painter and sculptor, amongst many others.

Like all the towns and cities of Spain, Úbeda also has its own distinctive gastronomy.

One of the most representative dishes of this area is Los Andrajos (The ‘rags’); an ancient stew recipe based on vegetables and meat or fish, fresh pasta and a touch of mint.

Traditionally, in the areas of ​​Albacete, Granada, Almería and Jaén, this stew was made with whatever was at hand. Either hare, rabbit or salted cod can be the main ingredients of this dish, accompanied by seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, beans, or artichokes.

From the middle of the last century, when families began to enjoy the freedom afforded by refrigerators and freezers in their homes, new foods became popular in the interior areas of Spain, such as clams, squids and prawns, which until then were only within the reach of the people who lived in coastal areas.

In this way, what had originally been a dish made exclusively with products from the field or salted cod, was diversified to the point that in Úbeda it became popular to cook them in the following way.

Here I have a link to the kitchen channel where the blogger Conxy Jiménez shows us how it is made. My recipe is a little different since I like to use green asparagus instead of clams, but it’s essentially the same. In short, a comforting dish with a robust flavour for the chilliest of days.

How about you? Are you familiar with the gastronomy of Úbeda? Would you like to try this dish?




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